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Please contact us if you want to reproduce the material contained on this web site in whole or in part for personal or scouting use.

Thanks and Credit

We thank the generosity of time, resources and effort of the following people for making this web site possible:

  • The 2nd St. Albert Scout Group and Webmaster Gordon Welling (a.k.a Rusty) for:
    • Sharing their Webmaster and Rover Administrator Volunteer Job Descriptions as well as other snippets of information from their web site;
    • Generously allowing us to include the Badges and Awards section from their web site;
    • Sharing their knowledge in getting us started on creating and hosting this web site;
    • Sharing their suggestions for software to develop and administer this web site.
  • G. Wolfgang for creating the site design and making it available to us through OpenWebDesign.org
  • TNG Consulting Inc. and Scouter Michael Milette for developing initial content for the web site.
  • Bravenet for providing the ability for us to have webmail forms.
  • Calendars Net for providing web calendar services.
  • StatsCounter for providing us with the ability to know if anyone is visiting our web site.
  • Scoutingpages.org and Dan Covell for hosting our web site.
  • Scouts Canada for providing Canada with the opportunity to participate and contribute to this wonderful movement.

Bottom line: If you are not sure about something, please ask. We think we are pretty decent folks and we probably don't bite.

Build Your Own Site

Interested in developing your own scouting web site? Here is a list of useful free resources and tools that recommend to help get you started:

  • Search and Replace: ReplaceEm is a freeware string-replacing utility for Windows. Unline most editors, ReplaceEM can not only search and replace across multiple files but can search and replace multiple lines of code at a time. For example, you could replace the header or footer across your whole web site in one shot.
  • Photo/Image Editor: Photo/Image EditorPhotoFiltre is a complete image editing and effects package, that will not only amaze you with features but also the fact that it is free (for personal use). It comes with many features that rival some commercial packages, as well as additional add-on that can be downloaded from the web site. PhotoFiltre offers all the standard editing features (selection, clone brush, paint brush etc.) as well as a large selection of image effects, photo masks, image adjustments, thumbnail browser and much more. The program also supports batch processing to apply filters, sizing, adjustments and transformations to a large number of images at once. PhotoFiltre comes with modern, well designed interface and is well suited for everything from simple resizing to advanced photo editing.
  • Image Viewer/Manipulator: IrfanViewis an image viewer that is free for non-commercial use. It is great for doing high quality resizing and manipulate/convert images. Although you can apply effects, it has no image editing capabilities.
  • Web HTML Editor: PSPad is a programmers editor. It includes an extensive list of features such as spell checker, HTML, Javascript and syntax colouring and some HTML specific features including preview.
  • WYSIWYG Web Page Editor: NVu
  • CSS Editor: TopStyle Lite
  • Site Link Validator: Xenu Link Sleuth will crawl across your web site your local copy of your web site and test all the links for you.
  • Photo Management: Picassa is one of the best free tools out there for keeping track of your pictures. Recent versions also include the ability to create and upload your photos to a web gallery.
  • Web Site Design Templates: Open Web Design.org has over a thousand different web site templates available for free. If you don't find something that suits your taste, give FreeCSSTemplates.org a look. Designs on these web sites are all released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.
  • Scouting Clipart: You can find clipart at Scouts Canada
  • RSS Generator: FeedEditorLite is a great tool to create the RSS file for the RSS/XML feed ul>

    Whenever you need software, check out the freeware section at SnapFiles. While not as big as some of the other sites on the Internet, each package is individually tested and reviewed by the webmaster and site visitors. They don't list software that includes spyware or ads and stuff like that. It's been one of my favourite places to find quality applications for years. They also have an excellent shareware section.